How to Draw Spike Dragon My Little Pony 10

Step 10: Now complete the eyes on Spike from My Little Pony. Inside the eye on the left, draw a small oval for the iris. Make four small marks to indicate the height and width of the oval, and then close it off with curved lines. Add the iris inside the eye on the right too. Draw it close to the left edge of the eye. Inside each iris, draw a very thin oval and shade it in for the pupils. Spike's pupils should be pointy at the top and bottom, like cat pupils. Inside each iris, draw a small oval at the top and couple of lines on the sides for glare.


How to Draw Spike Dragon My Little Pony 11

Step 11: Under the top part of the mouth, draw a curved, vertical line for the bottom part. The line should extend outside of the initial circle. Close off the shape on the right side. Inside Spike's mouth, at the top, draw a V-shaped line for a tooth and a curved line at the bottom for the tongue.


How to Draw Spike Dragon My Little Pony 12

Step 12: On the left side of the head, add Spike's ear by first drawing a shape similar to a greater-than sign (>). Use the horizontal construction line inside the head as a guide for the position of the ear. Close off the shape by adding three small arcs on the left side. Pay attention to the size of the ear in relation to the rest of the head.


How to Draw Spike Dragon My Little Pony 13

Step 13: Add the spikes on Spike from My Little Pony by first drawing a tall arc right on top of the head. The arc should be tilted to the right a bit. Sketch lightly at first to get the shape right. Darken the top part of the horizontal construction line for the base of the spike. Lightly sketch three more arcs on the left side for the rest of the spikes. The spikes should gradually get smaller toward the left. Darken the lines when you get the shapes right.


How to Draw Spike Dragon My Little Pony 14

Step 14: Use the initial circle as a guide to draw the rest of Spike's head. Darken the edges of the circle. Don't overlap the spikes or the ear when you darken the shape of the head. As you darken the lower, right side, curve the line outward more to create the cheek. Add a small, curved line under the mouth for the chin.

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