Draw Max Secret Life of Pets 15

Step 15: Draw Max's teeth as a set of lines right under the shape of the mouth. To create the teeth, first draw two small V-shaped lines on the sides for the dog's canines , then connect the canines with a line. Add tiny lines in between the canines to separate the rest of the teeth and add a curved line on the right for the molars.


Draw Max Secret Life of Pets 16

Step 16: Draw a curved line under the teeth for the bottom part of the mouth. Max's bottom lip shouldn't touch the initial guide line. When you get the shape right, make the line thicker and darker.


Draw Max Secret Life of Pets 17

Step 17: Follow the basic path of the initial guide as you darken the line and create the chin. Inside Max's mouth, at the bottom, draw another curved line for the bottom row of teeth.


Draw Max Secret Life of Pets 18

Step 18: Use the inital U-shaped lines on top of the head as guides to draw Max's ears. Follow the basic path of the guides and make the ear shape rounder as you darken the lines. Draw another curved line where the ear folds over to make the shape thicker. Draw two short lines on the left side for the other side of the base of the ear. Follow the basic path of the guide on the right but make the shape wider and rounder to create the other ear.


Draw Max Secret Life of Pets 19

Step 19: Use the initial lines and shapes as guides to draw the rest of Max's head. Simply follow the initial guides and darken the lines to create the shape of the head. Don't draw the lines for the neck too low because that's where the dog collar will go.

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