Draw Minecraft Enderman 15

Step 15: Use the line under the body, on the left side, as a guide to draw the enderman's first leg. Draw a parallel line on either side of the guide to make the shape of the leg thicker. The guide line in the middle makes the shape more three-dimensional.


Draw Minecraft Enderman 16

Step 16: Draw the other leg using the last line as a guide the same way as the first one. Remember to use a ruler if you want your line to be straighter.


Draw Minecraft Enderman 17

Step 17: Carefully go over the final sketch lines with a pen or marker.


Draw Minecraft Enderman 18

Step 18: When the ink dries, erase all the pencil marks.


Draw Minecraft Enderman

Final Step: Use purple and pink to draw a couple of star-like shapes around the body and for the eyes. Color the rest of the enderman's body black but try not to overlap any stars on the body. Color the block any color you want. For a grass block, color the top part green and the bottom part brown.

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