Draw Princess Celestia 10

Step 10: Inside the eye, draw two vertical lines for the iris. Draw a small oval inside the iris for the pupil. Shade in the oval except for two tiny circles inside that represent glare.


Draw Princess Celestia 11

Step 11: Darken the small triangle- like shape on the head and add a line inside it to create the ear. Darken the long, thin shape on the right to create the horn. Add a series of short lines inside the horn to give it a swirly texture.


Draw Princess Celestia 12

Step 12: Draw a curved line above the eye for the base of the crown. The crown will sit behind the horn, so try not to overlap the lines. Add a couple of pointy spikes at the top for the tips of the crown. Draw a small diamond in the crown for the jewel.


Draw Princess Celestia 13

Step 13: Follow the path of the initial arc to create the shape of the muzzle. Curl the sides more as you darken the lines for the muzzle. Draw a small line at the tip for the mouth and a smaller line above it for the nostril.


Draw Princess Celestia 14

Step 14: Draw a curved line under the horn for the front part of the mane. Add a curved shape to the left of the eye for that curly part of the mane.

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