Draw Reptile Mortal Kombat 6

Step 6: Draw the eyes using the initial half-circles as guides. Darken the edges of the shapes and make the lines thicker. Inside each eye, draw a thick slit for Reptile's snake-like eyes. Add a small circle inside each eye to represent glare.


Draw Reptile Mortal Kombat 7

Step 7: Draw a series of lines around Reptile's eyes for the detail on the scales. The long diagonal line directly above the eyes creates the brow. The smaller lines create the scales.


Draw Reptile Mortal Kombat 8

Step 8: The lower part of Reptile's mask is a bit complicated, so it's divided into a few parts. First draw the middle part using an angled line that's a little similar to an upside-down letter U. Use the main circle and the vertical construction line as guides for getting the placement of the line right.


Draw Reptile Mortal Kombat 9

Step 9: Now draw another shape within the shape you just created. This shape consists of a couple of parallel vertical lines with a line at the bottom that's similar to an upside-down letter V.


Draw Reptile Mortal Kombat 10

Step 10: Draw another small shape under the shape from the previous step using a series of short lines.

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