Draw Beast Boy 11

Step 11: Use the initial sideways D shape as a guide to draw Beast Boy's mouth. First darken the outline of the shape. Then inside the shape, at the top, add a curved line for the top teeth. Add the bottom teeth at the bottom too but add a curved spike on the right side for his fang. Draw a curved line in the middle for Beast Boy's tongue.


Draw Beast Boy 12

Step 12: Draw Beast Boy's face by using the main oval as a guide. Follow the basic path of the oval but make the line come inward more toward the eye on the left side to create the cheek. Make the line pointier at the bottom for the chin. Add two small lines under the head for the chin.


Draw Beast Boy 13

Step 13: Use the shapes on either side of the head as guides to draw Beast Boy's ears. Darken the outline of the shapes but make them pointier. Add a few lines within the ears for the inner structure.


Draw Beast Boy 14

Step 14: Follow the basic path of the main circle to draw Beast Boy's hairline. Make the line jagged as you darken it. The line should move down and end on the right side where the ear is.


Draw Beast Boy 15


Step 15: Draw the top part of Beast Boy's hair above the main circle. The top part of the hair consists of a line that starts on the left side of the face, moves up over the head, has a few jagged peaks for the spiky hair, and then comes down and ends on the right side next to the ear.

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