Draw Cleo De Nile 16

Step 16: Draw a few curved lines on the bottom part of the neck for the wraps around it. Under that, draw a few lines for the top part of Cleo de Nile's outfit.


Draw Cleo De Nile 17

Step 17: Cleo de Nile's hair is a bit tricky, so it's divided into four parts. First draw the bangs using the initial lines as guides. The shape is similar to a half-circle and should extend outside of the initial circle shape.


Draw Cleo De Nile 18

Step 18: Inside the half-circle shape, draw a series of curved lines for the separation of color of Cleo de Nile's hair.


Draw Cleo De Nile 19

Step 19: Just above Cleo de Nile's bangs, draw a series of small circles connected by a line to represent the headband.


Draw Cleo De Nile 20

Step 20: Use the long curved line that's shaped like and upside-down U as a guide to draw the outside of Cleo de Nile's hair. Follow the path of the guides but make the line come inward more at the top. Draw a couple more lines closer to the head.

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