Draw Jack Frost 11

Step 11: Under the nose and on the outer edge of the original circle, draw a small thin shape for the upper lip. Under that shape draw a curved line for open mouth.


Draw Jack Frost 12

Step 12: Inside the shape of the mouth, draw a line for the row of teeth. Under the shape of the mouth draw another curved line for the lower lip.


Draw Jack Frost 13

Step 13: Use the initial shapes as guides to draw the side of the face. Make the side of the face on the right side closer to the eye. Use a wavy line to create the cheekbone than follow the basic path of the guides as you darken the line and create the chin and jaw.


Draw Jack Frost 14

Step 14: Draw the ear by using the C-shaped line as a guide. Add a few small lines within the shape of the ear to represent the ear's structure. Under the head, draw a few lines for the neck.


Draw Jack Frost 15

Step 15: The hair can be tricky so it's divided into four parts. First draw the front part of the hair on the left side. Start on the left side of vertical construction line and continue drawing a series of curved lines that move down over the eyebrow all the way down to the ear. The section of hair to the right of the ear is similar to the letter V.

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