Draw Charlie Brown 11

Step 11: Above the eyebrows, near the top of the head, draw line that loops for the tuft of hair on Charlie Brown's forehead. The line is similar to a letter C with a curl on the bottom end.


Draw Charlie Brown 12

Step 12: Use the initial circle as a guide to draw Charlie Brown's head. Darken the line, but when you get to the right side, add an extra curved line similar to a backward letter C for the ear. Draw another curved line on the left side for Charlie Brown's other ear.


Draw Charlie Brown 13

Step 13: Draw two lines under the head for the neck. Use a series of angled lines under the neck to draw Charlie Brown's shirt collar. The opening of the collar is similar to the letter M. The actual collar is similar to small rectangles.


Draw Charlie Brown 14

Step 14: Use the side of the triangle-like shape, the initial line and circle as guides to draw Charlie Brown's arm on the right. Draw the shirt's sleeve by using the bottom part of the triangle-like shape as a guide. Follow the basic path of the line and make the arm thicker. Use a series of curved lines within the shape of the small circle to create Charlie Brown's hand.


Draw Charlie Brown 15

Step 15: Draw the outline of Charlie Brown's shirt by using the initial shapes as guides. The bottom of the shirt should be near the middle of the initial rectangle shape. Within the shirt, draw two zigzag lines for the classic Charlie Brown shirt design.

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