Draw Fluttershy 11

Step 11: Use the triangle-like shape on top of the head as a guide to draw Fluttershy’s ear. Darken the shape and make it more curved. Draw a line within the shape for the ear's structure. Darken the left side of the main circle for the left side of Fluttershy’s head.


Draw Fluttershy 12

Step 12: Fluttershy’s mane is a bit tricky, so it's divided into three parts. First add the front part of the mane by drawing a line that starts at the ear and arcs over the head to the left side of the body. Then draw a curved point similar to a spiral as the tip of Fluttershy’s hair.


Draw Fluttershy 13

Step 13: Draw a shape similar to the front part of the mane on the right side of the head. This part of Fluttershy’s mane is thinner and longer. The mane should come down below the body, and the end should come to a point in a spiral.


Draw Fluttershy 14

Step 14: Now draw the inside portion of Fluttershy’s hair. This line starts at the ear and creates a point in between her eyes before curving down toward the left side of the face. This line combined with the previous line should form somewhat of a heart shape around Fluttershy's face.


Draw Fluttershy 15

Step 15: Use the initial oval shape under Fluttershy’s head as a guide to draw the body. Follow the basic path of the oval as you darken the lines. A lot of the body is hiding behind the mane, so don't draw all of it.

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