Draw Gru Despicable Me 11

Step 11: Inside each eye, draw a small circle for Gru's irises. Inside each iris, draw a big dot for the pupils. On the top left side of each iris, draw a tiny circle to represent the glare in the eyes.


Draw Gru Despicable Me 12

Step 12: Use the main circle as a guide to draw Gru's head. Follow the basic path of the circle as you darken the line. When you get to the eyebrow on the right, the line for the face bulges out a little. On the left side, extend the line for Gru's head farther out toward the ear to give the head a more oval shape.


Draw Gru Despicable Me 13

Step 13: Use the C-shaped arc on the left as a guide to draw Gru's ear. Darken the edge of the ear and draw a few lines within the ear for structure.


Draw Gru Despicable Me 14

Step 14: Draw Gru's mouth using the set of lines under the nose as guides. Darken the edges of the shape and draw the left side of the mouth a bit higher to give him a smirk. Draw a few tiny lines inside of Gru's mouth for his gums and teeth.


Draw Gru Despicable Me 15

Step 15 (optional): Draw a couple of circles around Gru's head for his scarf. On the bottom of the circles, near the sides, draw a couple of straight lines for the ends of the scarf.

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