Draw Poof 11

Step 11: Under the horizontal construction line and on the left side of the vertical construction line, draw a shape similar to a sideways letter D or a U with a line on top for Poof's mouth. Inside the shape, draw another curved line for Poof's tongue.


Draw Poof 12

Step 12: Now learn how to draw Poof's arm and rattle. First use the arc on the left side as a guide to draw the arm and hand. Darken the arc and draw a line on the wrist for the sleeve. Draw two curved lines at the tip to separate the fingers. Leave a small gap in the line that makes up the hand so that you can draw Poof's wand on the hand.


Draw Poof 13

Step 13: Draw the first part of Poof's wand by darkening the circle above Poof's hand. Draw a small oval on top of the circle for extra detail and draw a star in the middle for the wand's design.


Draw Poof 14

Step 14: Draw a couple of curved lines above and below the star to finish the top part of Poof's wand. Use the line under the circle as a guide to draw the base of the wand. Draw a circle at the bottom of Poof's wand to make it look more like a rattle.


Draw Poof 15

Step 15: Darken the main circle to create Poof's body and head. Leave a gap on the lower left side to show where the left foot attaches to the body.

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