Draw Frankie Stein 16

Step 16: Use the initial shapes as guides to draw Frankie Stein's face. Follow the basic path of the guides and dip the line in toward the eye a little to create the cheekbone. Below the eye on the left side, draw a small line covered by two rectangular shapes for her stitches. On top of Frankie Stein's head, draw a couple of lines to create her hair clip.


Draw Frankie Stein 17

Step 17: Use the curved lines under Frankie Stein's head as guides to draw her neck. Draw the bolts on the sides of her neck. The head of the bolts are hexagonal in shape. Inside her neck and along the line of the bolts, draw a curved line  covered by three rectangular shapes. This will create the stitches on Frankie Stein's neck.


Draw Frankie Stein 18

Step 18: Under Frankie's neck, draw her shirt collar as two triangle-like shapes. Draw Frankie Stein's tie under the collar. The tie consists of a big angled line for the knot and a couple of small lines for the top of the tie.


Draw Frankie Stein 19

Step 19: Darken the lines that make up Frankie Stein's shoulder. Around each shoulder draw, a big semi-circle for the shirt's puffy sleeves. Draw a few circles within the shape of the tie to give a polka dot pattern.


Draw Frankie Stein 20

Step 20: Now continue learning how to draw Frankie Stein's hair. The detail consists of a few curved lines. A couple of lines in the middle have a slight angle to them to give them the appearance of bolts of electricity.

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