Draw Riddler 11

Step 11: Draw the Riddler's nose by using the construction lines as guides. The nose curls in between the eyes to a shape similar to the number 6.


Draw Riddler 12

Step 12: Below the nose draw a long line for the Riddler's mouth. Curve the line toward the eye on the right a bit to give him a smirk. Draw a small line at the top of the smile and another small line under it for detail.


Draw Riddler 13

Step 13: Draw the Riddler's ear using the initial arc as a guide. Darken the outer edge of the ear. Inside the ear draw a couple of lines to create the inner structure.


Draw Riddler 14

Step 14: Use the initial shapes as guides to draw the Riddler's face. Follow the basic path of the guide lines and draw a bump above the eye for the brow as you darken the line. Draw another bump below the eye to create the Riddler's cheekbone. The line for this Batman character's face ends just below the ear.


Draw Riddler 15

Step 15: Create the Riddler's mask by drawing a line that surrounds the eyes. The mask should be thin near the middle, above the nose and wider near the eyes.

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