How to Draw Cosmo Step 11

Step 11: Above each eye draw a long rectangular shape for Cosmo's eyebrows. Draw the rectangles with a bit of a diagonal orientation for a loony look.


How to Draw Cosmo Step 12

Step 12: On the left side of the head draw a small arc similar to the letter C as a guide for Cosmo's ear. Inside the ear draw a small spiral shape to create the inner ear structure. Use the main circle as a guide to draw the rest of Cosmo's face.


How to Draw Cosmo Step 13

Step 13: Draw Cosmo's hair using a series of long curved lines. The lines go straight up on the left side, then they curve to the right side of the head behind the eyebrows and come to a point. Draw a small jagged point on top of the hair.


How to Draw Cosmo Step 14

Step 14: Draw a small crown on the upper left side of Cosmo's head. The crown is similar to a W shape with straight lines on the sides and on the bottom for the base.


How to Draw Cosmo Step 15

Step 15: Draw the hand on the right side by using the initial shapes as guides. Thicken up the arm and draw a couple of small lines at the end for the sleeves. Use the circle as a guide to create Cosmo's fist using a few curved lines for the fingers.

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