How to Draw Draculaura Step 11

Step 11: Above each eye, draw a thick curved line that comes to a point for Draculaura's eyebrows.


How to Draw Draculaura Step 12

Step 12: Use the small oval at the bottom of the main circle as a guide to draw Draculaura's lips. The top lip is very wavy and comes to a point on the left side. The middle line that makes up her lips is similar to the top but not as wavy. The bottom lip is simply a curved line. Draw a small triangle-like shape on the inside for one of her fangs.


How to Draw Draculaura Step 13

Step 13: Draw the ear on the left side of the head by using the C-shaped line as a guide. Make the top part of Draculaura's ear pointier and draw a few curved lines inside the shape to give the ear structure.


How to Draw Draculaura Step 14

Step 14: Draw a circle on Draculaura's earlobe for her earring. Under the circle, draw a safety pin. The safety pin consists of another circle, two sets of lines under it and a shape similar to the letter U at the bottom. Use the picture above for further reference when drawing Draculaura's earring.


How to Draw Draculaura Step 15

Step 15: Draw Draculaura's face using the main circle as a guide. Draw a series of curved lines on the right side to create her cheekbone. Draw a long curved line at the bottom to create her chin and jaw.

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