How to Draw a Smurf Step 16

Step 16: The smurf's hat is a little tricky ,so it’s divided into two parts. First draw the brim of the hat by drawing a line that extends from his ear, across the forehead (below the eyebrows) and ends on the other side of his head. Then draw a line that goes from the smurf's nose to just above the eyebrows.


How to Draw a Smurf Step 17

Step 17: The second part of the smurf's hat is just one long curved line. Start drawing the line above his ear, then move it to the top and curve it back down toward the brim. Be careful with the height of the hat. If the line is too low, you’ll have a flat hat; if it’s too high, you’ll have a tall hat.


How to Draw a Smurf Step 18

Step 18: Now draw the smurf's right arm by using the initial lines as guides. Go around the guides, making his arm thicker as you go along. The same goes for his fingers; make them chubbier. Draw a short curved line inside his palm for extra detail.


How to Draw a Smurf Step 19

Step 19: Draw the smurf's body using the shapes below his head. Draw a curved horizontal line across the middle to represent the top of his pants. On the right side of the body, draw a half circle for his tail.


How to Draw a Smurf Step 20

Step 20: Use the ovals as guides to draw the smurf's legs. Draw a couple of arcs similar to the letter C above the ovals for his bent knees. Then just darken the ovals for his feet.

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