Draw Timmy Turner Step 11

Step 11: Darken the circles for Timmy Turner's eyes and draw a smaller circle inside each as the pupils. Above each eye draw a long rectangular shape for his eyebrows.


Draw Timmy Turner Step 12

Step 12: On the lower right side of the main circle, near the right side of Timmy Turner's mouth draw his ear. The main part of the ear looks like a backward letter C. Inside the ear draw a swirl similar to the number 6 for extra detail.


Draw Timmy Turner Step 13

Step 13: Draw Timmy Turner's face by drawing a line above his ear that goes up to the outer edge of the circle. Then continue to draw the line toward the left behind the right eyebrow. After that follow the curvature of the main circle and angle the line back up toward Timmy turner's ear again.


Draw Timmy Turner Step 14

Step 14: Timmy Turner's hair is a couple of jagged lines above the main circle. Draw a smaller line above his ear for the rest of the hair.


Draw Timmy Turner Step 15

Step 15: Timmy Turner's hat is a little bit tricky. It consists of a series of curved lines that wrap around his hair to form a stylized baseball cap. Use the image above for further reference on how to draw it. Don’t forget the little circle!

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