Draw Tom Step 1

Step 11: Under Tom's mouth, draw a curved line for his lower lip. Draw a jagged line on the left side that connects to Tom's cheek and another on the right that connects to his mouth.


Draw Tom Step 2

Step 12: Darken the shapes of Tom's eyes. Inside each, draw an oval as the irises, and within each iris draw another oval and shade it in for the pupils. In between Tom's eyes, draw a few curved lines for the design on his forehead.


Draw Tom Step 13

Step 13: Above Tom's eyes on the top part of the original circle, draw his eyebrows. They’re basically the shape of a crescent moon on its side with a few lines above them to represent wrinkles.


Draw Tom Step 14

Step 14: Use the original circle as a guide to draw the rest of Tom's head. Draw a couple of hairs on top. Have this cartoon cat's head dip in on the right side near his eye, then have it come back out using a jagged line to draw his cheek. The line on the left also comes out to a point to form Tom's furry cheek.


Draw Tom Step 15

Step 15: Draw Tom's ears by using the initial triangles as guides. Make them curve more and draw a line inside each to represent the ear's opening. Draw a few curved lines at the base of the ear on the left to represent fur.

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