How to Draw Finn Step 6

Step 6: Start by drawing in Finn's awesome hat. Using the top square as a guide, draw the lines so they curve more and round out the bottom corners. Add two small curves on the top corners that look like little upside-down U shapes.


How to Draw Finn Step 7

Step 7: Using the intersecting lines as a guide, draw Finn's head as an oval. The end result should look like a telescope's crosshairs. Above the horizontal line on either side of the vertical line, draw two dots for Finn's eyes.


How to Draw Finn Step 8

Step 8: To draw Finn's mouth, draw a shape that is similar to a kidney bean or an oval with that top part bent inward toward the middle. Inside this shape at the top, draw in three teeth as little U-shaped lines and another curve at the bottom for Finn's tongue.


How to Draw Finn Step 9

Step 9: Tighten Finn's torso by darkening the lines and drawing the legs of his skinny shorts. Above the legs, draw a horizontal line to indicate where his shirt meets his shorts.


How to Draw Finn Step 10

Step 10: For the straps of Finn's backpack, draw two curved lines at the sides of his body where his arms begin. To draw Finn's arms and hands, make the arm and hand guide lines thicker. His arms are curvy, so don't draw sharp angles for his elbows. They should look like noodles.

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