Draw Deadpool Marvel 11

Step 11: Now draw the mask's pattern. Deadpool's mask is very simple. It consists of an oval-like shape that surrounds each eye.


Draw Deadpool Marvel 12

Step 12: Use the lines under Deadpool's head as guides to draw the neck. Using a series of curved lines, draw the collar around his neck. His chin should block the front part of the collar.

Draw Deadpool Marvel 13

Step 13: Now darken the lines to form the top part of Deadpool's shoulders. Draw the neck muscles under the collar and the clavicle or collar bones too.


Draw Deadpool Marvel 14

Step 14 (optional): You can skip the next two steps if you don't want to draw Wade's katanas on his back. Use the lines on the shoulders as guides to draw the handles or hilts of the katanas. Draw a small rectangle at the top of each hilt for the pommel and a line near the bottom for the top part of the guard.

Draw Deadpool Marvel 15

Step 15 (optional): Finish Deadpool's swords by drawing the rest of the guard as a very thin rectangle and the top part of the sheaths or scabbards as two short vertical lines.

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