How to Draw Sylvester Cat Looney Tunes Full Body 15

Step 15: On the right side of the eyes, draw a short line for the side of the head. The line should slope to the right so that the head is thin at the top and wide at the bottom. Between the ears, draw three short, curved lines for a bit of fur. To the left of Sylvester's eyes, draw another short, sloping line for the other side of the head.

How to Draw Sylvester Cat Looney Tunes Full Body 16

Step 16: Darken the M-shaped line on top of the head for Sylvester's ears but make the lines curvier. Inside the ear on the left, draw a curved line for the ear opening and fur.

How to Draw Sylvester Cat Looney Tunes Full Body 17

Step 17: Darken the right edge of the oval on the left for the first part of Sylvester's hand. Near the bottom, on the inside, draw a short, curved line for the first curled finger. This finger should almost be an oval. On the tip of this cartoon cat's finger, draw a tiny, angled line for a claw. To the left, draw another curved, oval-like line for another finger. Add a pointy claw at the top. Draw a third finger and claw the same way along the inner edge of the initial oval. Use the angled line at the top as a guide to draw the rest of the arm. Draw the shape of the lower arm around the guide. Add some jagged lines at the top for Sylvester's furry elbow. Draw a sloping line under the guide to make the top of the arm thicker. Darken the top part of the guide to finish the shape of the arm.

How to Draw Sylvester Cat Looney Tunes Full Body 18

Step 18: Darken the curved line on the lower, left side for the first part of this Looney Tunes character's leg. Draw jagged lines along the top edge of the oval for fur. Add a line on the right for the other side of the leg. Darken the oval at the bottom to create the shape of Sylvester's foot. Draw two curved lines on the left side of the oval to separate the toes.

How to Draw Sylvester Cat Looney Tunes Full Body 19

Step 19: Use the shapes and lines in the middle as guides to draw Sylvester's body. Darken the outer edges of the initial guides to create the long shape of the body. Inside the body, draw a long, wavy line that separates the black fur from the white fur. Sketch lightly at first to get the line right. Below the head, draw a shorter line to emphasize the chest.

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