Draw Winnie the Pooh Step 11

Step 11: Darken the shape of his left sleeve and draw two bumps behind his neck for his folded collar. Draw in some wrinkles on the right side of his sleeve by his armpit. Darken the bottom part of Winnie the Pooh's shirt, but curve it up slightly to show more of his belly.


Draw Winnie the Pooh Step 12

Step 12: Finish drawing the rest of Winnie the Pooh's shirt by giving him a V-neck collar and some wrinkles below the collar. The right side of his shirt should meet the bottom with a fold. Draw a couple of lines in the middle of the shirt to represent more wrinkles and darken the outline of Winnie the Pooh's right sleeve.

Draw Winnie the Pooh Step 13

Step 13: Follow the guide for the left hand, making his whole arm thick and round at the end. Do the same thing for the right hand, but make this hand waving. To draw this, round the line to the right past the right side of his arm, and draw a fold underneath the curve to indicate where Winnie the Pooh's hand bends forward.


Draw Winnie the Pooh Step 14

Step 14: Using the guide for the leg on the left, draw in a thick leg and foot. Draw a thicker curve at the top and taper it in slightly near the bottom. Just as you created Winnie the Pooh's waving hand, draw a rounded edge coming out to the right to create his foot.

Draw Winnie the Pooh Step 15

Step 15: Darken in the rest of the body circle for Winnie the Pooh's belly, and make sure you don't darken the part that overlaps the leg on the left side. Draw in the right leg like you did with the left.

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