Draw Ursula Step 11

Step 11: Add in details on Ursula's eyes. Curve the inside ends of her eyebrows. Give her a few eyelashes. Add in wrinkles above this Disney cartoon character's eyelids that extend from top tips of her nose up to about halfway through each eyelid. Draw two small half-circles below Ursula's eyelids and shade them in to create her pupils.


Draw Ursula Step 12

Step 12: Tighten the shape of Ursula's mouth by thickening the basic shape with lines to create lips. Dip the top middle part of her lips to give them a more organic feel.


Draw Ursulav3

Step 13: Add a couple of smile lines above Ursula's lips by drawing two slight curves. Draw a line inside her mouth just below her top lip and draw in two jagged teeth on each side.


Draw Ursula Step 14

Step 14: Darken in the shape of Ursula's head. Draw a small curve on each side of her face near her ears to represent her cheeks. Draw a U-shaped curve under her mouth for her chin and a long curved line under that to create her double chin. Give her a small dot on the left side of Ursula's mouth to represent her mole.


Draw Ursula Step 15

Step 15: Ursula's hair is a bit tricky to draw, so it's been broken down in three parts. Use the basic shape of it as a guide and start drawing in the right side of it by adding a few extra lines and tufts.


Draw Ursula Step 16

Step 16: Curve the lines even more for the middle part of Ursula's hair and give her a big spiky clump on top. Her hair isn't standing, but Ursula is under water, so it's flowing. This is the reason why it looks like her hair standing straight up.

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