How to Draw Pluto Dog Disney Full Body 10

Step 10: Inside each eye, draw a small oval and shade it in for the pupils. Draw the pupils on the lower, right sides of Pluto's eyes. The pupil on the left should be slightly smaller. Above the eyes, along the edge of the main circle, draw two small arcs for the thick brows.

How to Draw Pluto Dog Disney Full Body 11

Step 11: Draw the bottom part of the top of the muzzle as two curved lines along the sideways arc. The muzzle should be split under Pluto's nose. Draw a small smile line on the right tip below the eye. Darken the left side of the U-shaped arc for the lower lip. Inside the guide, draw a smaller U-shaped line for the open mouth.

How to Draw Pluto Dog Disney Full Body 12

Step 12: To the left of the smile, lightly sketch a thin, long shape for Pluto's first ear. The ear should stretch across the neck and into the body. The bottom part should be thicker than the top. When you get the shape of the ear right, darken the lines. Draw small lines at the top for the base. On top of the head, draw a thin shape that angles to the right for the other ear. Make the top part thicker than the bottom. Instead of drawing the ear on top, you could also just draw the bottom tip peeking from behind the lower jaw.

How to Draw Pluto Dog Disney Full Body 13

Step 13: Follow the path of the main circle to draw the shape of the head. On the right side of the circle, draw a small, curved line for the bump on Pluto's head. Don't overlap the ear and add curved lines along the U-shaped guide for the lower jaw. Inside the mouth, draw two short, curved lines for the tongue.

How to Draw Pluto Dog Disney Full Body 14

Step 14: Draw a wide, curved line on the top body circle for the bottom edge of Pluto's collar. Pay attention to where this line begins and ends. The line should curve under the ear. Draw a shorter curved line between the neck and the ear for the inner edge of the collar. Add an extra line on the left side to make the collar thicker and make the sides flatter. Don't overlap Pluto's ear.

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