Draw Mini Chibi Little Cinderella 11

Step 11: Add the hair bun by drawing a long line that starts at the headband, then curves to the left. Add another curved line on the left to complete the shape of the bun. Draw a line that goes from Cinderella's bun to the ear for the back of the head.


Draw Mini Chibi Little Cinderella 12

Step 12: On the lower right side of the head, draw a curved line similar to a tilted letter C for Cinderella's dress sleeve.


Draw Mini Chibi Little Cinderella 13

Step 13: Inside the sleeve, draw two curved, diagonal lines for mini Cinderella's arm. Finish up the arm by connecting these two lines with a shorter curved line at the top.


Draw Mini Chibi Little Cinderella 14

Step 14: Add chibi Cinderella's hand at the bottom by first drawing a V-shaped line on the left for the thumb. Draw a line similar to the number 3 on the right for the rest of the hand. Add a line in the arm for Cinderella's glove.


Draw Mini Chibi Little Cinderella 15

Step 15: Draw a long, curved, vertical line under the head, near the left side, for the top of the body. Draw a curved, horizontal line under Cinderella's head for the dress' collar.

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