Draw Jasmine Full Body Aladdin 15

Step 15: Use the initial lines and shapes as guides to draw Jasmine's face. Simply follow the path of the initial guides and darken the lines.


Draw Jasmine Full Body Aladdin 16

Step 16: Draw Jasmine's earrings on the sides of the face using a couple of curved lines. The earrings are triangular, but because they're behind the face, only use a curved line to draw them.


Draw Jasmine Full Body Aladdin 17

Step 17: Draw a small circle above the head for the jewel that's on Jasmine's headband. Add a curved line under the circle for the jewel's base. The line should follow the basic path of the circle.


Draw Jasmine Full Body Aladdin 18

Step 18: Draw a rectangle-like shape on either side of the jewel to create Jasmine's headband. The shapes should be pretty similar on either side. Pay attention to the length.


Draw Jasmine Full Body Aladdin 19

Step 19: Now add the rest of Jasmine's hair by first drawing a curved line above the headband. Draw a long curved line on the left that stretches down to the torso for the side of the hair. Add another long, curved line on the right side for the other section of hair.

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