Draw Elsa Body Frozen 10

Step 10: Draw a thin, long shape over each eye for the eyebrows. Place the eyebrow on the left side close to the eye. The eyebrow on the right should be higher above the eye to give Elsa a playful look.


Draw Elsa Body Frozen 11

Step 11: Draw Elsa's nose above the bottom edge of the main circle. First draw two tiny lines for the sides of the nose. Then add the nostrils in between using a V-shaped line.


Draw Elsa Body Frozen 12

Step 12: Draw the top lip as a thin, long shape under Elsa's nose and outside of the lower edge of the main circle. The ends of the lips should be pointy. The left tip should curve up a bit more than the right tip.


Draw Elsa Body Frozen 13

Step 13: Draw a curved line under the top lip for the bottom lip. Add a little line on the left for Elsa's smile line.


Draw Elsa Body Frozen 14

Step 14: Draw the top, right portion of Elsa's hair using a series of curved lines. The first line should start at the vertical construction line and curve high over the head. Draw another curved line under that one for the second clump of hair. Draw a small clump of hair that curves down toward the eyebrow on the right using two short, curved lines. Add a longer, curved line on the right for another section of the hair. Now draw the line for the side of the hair. Use the initial lines and shapes as guides as you draw Elsa's hair.

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