Draw Cheshire Cat Alice 10

Step 10: Under the nose, draw the shape of the Cheshire Cat's mouth as two curved lines. The ends of the lines should almost touch the horizontal construction line. Follow the curvature of the main circle as you draw the line at the bottom. The end result should look similar to a crescent moon on its side.


Draw Cheshire Cat Alice 11

Step 11: Inside the mouth, draw a series of small lines for the Cheshire Cat's teeth. About 10 small, vertical lines make the teeth look evenly spaced.


Draw Cheshire Cat Alice 12

Step 12: Add a few short lines between the nose and mouth for the Cheshire Cat's whiskers. Add a small dot between each whisker for extra detail. Draw another curved line under the mouth for the bottom lip.


Draw Cheshire Cat Alice 13

Step 13: Draw a series of short, curved lines above the eyebrows for the Cheshire Cat's hair. The hair should split in the middle, and the lines should go in opposite directions. The top of the hair shouldn't reach the top edge of the main circle.


Draw Cheshire Cat Alice 14

Step 14: Now draw two angled lines above the hair for the ears. The Cheshire Cat's ears are similar to an upside-down letter V. Add an extra line inside each ear.

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