Draw Fear Inside Out 11

Step 11: Above the eyes, draw a thick, curved shape for Fear's eyebrows. The eyebrows should tilt down toward the outside to give him a worried look.


Draw Fear Inside Out 12

Step 12: Add a few curved lines on the right side of the eyeballs and behind the eyebrows for the back portion of Fear's eyes and the eyelids.


Draw Fear Inside Out 13

Step 13: Near the middle of the face, draw a wavy arc that is open on the left side for Fear's mouth. The arc should curve down a bit on the right side for a fearful look.


Draw Fear Inside Out 14

Step 14: Inside the shape of the mouth, draw a series of square-like lines for Fear's teeth. Don't draw each individual tooth. Just draw a few of the edges to give the impression of teeth.


Draw Fear Inside Out 15

Step 15: Use the initial shape under the eyes as a guide to draw the rest of Fear's face. Make the shape of the face a bit thinner using wavy lines. On top of the head and between the eyes, draw a spiral line for the single strand of hair on his head.

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