Draw Finding Nemo 11

Step 11: Under the eyes, below the horizontal construction line, draw Nemo's open mouth using two curved lines. Add a smaller line on the left side of the mouth for the smile line.


Draw Finding Nemo 12

Step 12: Inside Nemo's mouth, draw a long line at the top for the row of teeth and a small line at the bottom for the tongue. Add another small, curved line under the mouth for the bottom lip.


Draw Finding Nemo 13

Step 13: Use the initial circle as a guide to draw Nemo's face. Follow the basic path of the circle as you darken the line to create his face. The line should come in toward the eye on the right side to create his brow.


Draw Finding Nemo 14

Step 14: Now use the arcs on top of the body as guides to draw Nemo's dorsal fin. Use one continuous line to connect both arcs and create the single dorsal fin that dips down near the left side.


Draw Finding Nemo 15

Step 15: Use the arcs near the front of the body as guides to create Nemo's pectoral fins. Darken the line for the fin on the right. Add a small indentation on his “lucky” fin on the left as you darken its line.

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