Draw Hiro Big Hero 11

Step 11: Under the nose, draw a shape for Hiro's mouth. The shape should be similar to the letter D on its side. Place the mouth just below the bottom edge of the main circle. Draw a small line under the mouth for Hiro's bottom lip.


Draw Hiro Big Hero 12

Step 12: Inside the mouth on the top side, draw two rectangle-like shapes for the top row of teeth. Hiro has a gap in his teeth, so be sure to include a sizable space between the two rectangle-like shapes. Add a small curved line under the teeth for the tongue.


Draw Hiro Big Hero 13

Step 13: Use the initial shapes as guides to draw the bottom part of Hiro's head. Follow the path of the initial guides as you darken the lines but make the face curvier. Darken the lines at the bottom too for the neck.


Draw Hiro Big Hero 14

Step 14: Hiro's hair is a bit tricky, so it's divided into five parts. First draw the front part of his hair that almost covers his eyes. Draw it as a series of long lines above the eyes. The two lines in the middle are similar to the letter V. The lines on the sides are just diagonal lines.


Draw Hiro Big Hero 15

Step 15: Draw Hiro's eyebrows above the eyes as two long, thick shapes. Notice that his eyebrows are behind his hair, so don't overlap the lines.

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