Draw Anger Inside Out 11

Step 11: Use the top part of the original square as a guide to draw the shape of Anger's head. The top part consists of a two angled lines to make the brow thicker. Follow the basic path of the original square to create the sides of the head but make the lines curvier as you darken them.


Draw Anger Inside Out 12

Step 12: Now draw the flames on top of Anger's head. The flames are basically a series vertical wavy lines with points at the top to indicate the tips of the flames.

Draw Anger Inside Out 13

Step 13: Add Anger's shirt collar under the head. The middle part of the collar is similar to the letter M. The sides of the collar are just curved lines that connect to the head.


Draw Anger Inside Out 14

Step 14: Draw Anger's tie in the on the bottom middle part of the original square. The knot of the tie is similar to a trapezoid with rounded corners. The bottom part of the tie is similar to a diamond. The bottom tip of the tie should end at the bottom edge of the main square.

Draw Anger Inside Out 15

Step 15: Add Anger's shirt sleeves on the sides of the body using the initial lines as guides. Draw the shapes of the cuffed sleeves using a series of curved lines.

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