Draw Joy Inside Out 11

Step 11: Inside each eye, draw a circle for the irises. Inside each iris, draw a tiny circle off to the side to represent glare. In the middle of each iris, draw another circle and shade it in for Joy's pupils.


Draw Joy Inside Out 12

Step 12: Draw Joy's nose right where the two construction lines intersect. The nose consists of a curved line for the tip of the nose and a smaller curved line under for the base. Add a tiny line on the sides of it for structure.


Draw Joy Inside Out 13

Step 13: Under the nose, draw a couple of lines for Joy's top lip. Under the top lip, draw a curved line for the open mouth. The end result should look something similar to the letter D on its side.


Draw Joy Inside Out 14

Step 14: Draw another line inside the mouth on the top side for the row of teeth. Draw a curved line at the bottom for Joy's tongue. Outside of the mouth, on the bottom, draw another curved line for the bottom lip.


Draw Joy Inside Out 15

Step 15: Use a series of short, angled lines on the top left side of the head for the spiky part of Joy's hair. Follow the basic path of the initial circle as you create the spikes.

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