Draw Vanellope 16

Step 16: Back to Vanellope's hair! Draw the left portion of the hair in the back using a long, curved line that starts on top of the ear, moves across the top part of the head and ends on top, a little to the left of the vertical construction line. Add two curved lines within the shape for extra detail.


Draw Vanellope 17

Step 17: Now add two more curved lines to the right of the previous lines to complete the rest of the back portion of Vanellope's hair.


Draw Vanellope 18

Step 18: Vanellope uses what appears to be a Twizzler as a hair tie. To draw it, first draw a wide curved line sitting on top of the head. Then draw two thick shapes using a couple of curved lines on top of that for the ends of the Twizzler.


Draw Vanellope 19

Step 19: It wouldn't be a Twizzler if it wasn't twisted. To draw the twists, simply draw a series of curved lines inside the shapes.


Draw Vanellope 20

Step 20: Finally finish up the pony tail portion of the hair. Vanellope ties her hair up high, so start the line for the hair on top of the hair tie, then curve it out and down, and end it below the ear in a curved spike. Draw a couple of shorter lines between the Twizzler and the head for the under part of Vanellope's pony tail.

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