Draw Bambi 11

Step 11: Draw a curved line across Bambi's forehead for the detail on the head. Draw a small curved line on the outer edge of the head for the brow and eyelashes on the other side.


Draw Bambi 12

Step 12: At the tip of the arc, draw a small shape for Bambi's nose. The shape of the nose is similar to a flat square with the lower right side bent inward. Draw a couple of lines within the shape to represent shine.


Draw Bambi 13

Step 13: Use the lower part of the initial arc as a guide to draw the top part of Bambi's mouth. The line starts below the nose, then extends to just outside the edge of the circle. Draw a small smile line at the end.


Draw Bambi 14

Step 14: Draw the bottom part of Bambi's mouth by using the line under the arc as a guide. Draw a U-shaped arc for the bottom lip and another U-shaped arc for the inside of the mouth.


Draw Bambi 15

Step 15: Use the arcs on Bambi's head as guides to draw the first part of the ears. Follow the basic path of the guides as you darken the lines and shape the ears. The left ear is narrower than the right. Draw curved line on the right for the back part of the ear. The right ear is wider, and the bottom ends at a point next to the eye. Draw a curved line on either side for the outer portions of the ear.

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