Draw Grunkle Stan 11

Step 11: Draw Grunkle Stan's mouth under the nose and glasses. The shape of the mouth is similar to a curved sausage. The top, right part of the mouth should be behind the nose. Inside the mouth, add three lines for the teeth. On either side of the mouth, draw slightly bigger curved lines for the smile lines.


Draw Grunkle Stan 12

Step 12: On either side of Grunkle Stan's head, draw the big ears. The outer shape of the ears is similar to a question mark with a curved bottom for the earlobes. Draw a couple of lines within the shape of the ear for the inner structure.


Draw Grunkle Stan 13

Step 13: High above the glasses and on either side of the vertical construction line, draw Grunkle Stan's eyebrows using a series of curved lines. On the left side of the head, close to the ear, draw the sideburn, which consists of a line similar to the letter W under the horizontal construction line.


Draw Grunkle Stan 14

Step 14: Use the top part of the initial rectangle as a guide to draw Grunkle Stan's hat. Make the top part of the hat narrower and the right side come in more. On the upper left side, draw a small circle with a few lines under it for the tassel on the hat.


Draw Grunkle Stan 15

Step 15: Draw the arm on the left side by using the angled line as a guide. Follow the basic path of the line as you make Grunkle Stan's arm thicker. Draw a curved line on top for the shoulder pad and another under it for a crease. Draw the sleeves at the bottom.

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