Draw Pinocchio 11

Step 11: Draw Pinocchio's mouth under the nose by using the initial shape as a guide. Make the top line of the mouth longer and curve it upward more. Draw another curved arc under the mouth for the bottom lip. Inside the mouth, draw two small curved lines for Pinocchio's tongue.


Draw Pinocchio 12

Step 12: Draw the front part of Pinocchio's hair and the rim of the hat on his head. The front part of his head is basically a wavy line above the eyebrows that moves outside of the circle, forms a point, and then curves up over the circle. That same line becomes the rim of the hat as it moves diagonally to the right of the head next to the ear.


Draw Pinocchio 13

Step 13: Darken the C-shaped arc to create Pinocchio's ear. Draw a small line within the shape for the ear's structure. Draw a curved line that goes from the top of the ear to the bottom of the hat for the side of the hair.


Draw Pinocchio 14

Step 14: Now draw the second part of Pinocchio's hat by drawing a few curved lines on the top and left side of the main circle. The curved line on the right is more bulgy than the thin curved line on top.


Draw Pinocchio 15

Step 15: Draw a line above the brim for the band on Pinocchio's hat. On top of the band, draw two curved lines that come together at the top to form the feather on his hat.

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