Draw Kim Possible 16

Step 16: Draw the arm on the right side the same way you did the other arm. Follow the guide and make the arm thicker. Don't forget to make the wrist thinner. Use the circle as a guide to draw the hand. Draw Kim Possible's folded fingers as small, curved lines on the right side.


Draw Kim Possible 17

Step 17: Now draw the rest of Kim Possible's hair around her head. Draw a curved line that goes from the bottom of the arm on the left to the small line on top of the head. Then draw a longer curved line on the other side of the body. Draw a small pointy shape for the bottom part of the hair under the arm on the left.


Draw Kim Possible 18

Step 18: Draw a few curved lines inside the shape of Kim Possible's hair as extra detail.


Draw Kim Possible 19

Step 19: Under the torso, draw a couple of curved, horizontal lines to make up the belt. In the middle of the belt, draw a couple of small lines and a circle for extra detail. Under Kim Possible's hand on the left, draw a couple of U-shaped curved lines to create her satchel. Draw a circle inside the shape for the satchel's button.


Draw Kim Possible 20

Step 20: Use the the line on the left as a guide to draw Kim Possible's leg. Kim wears loose pants, so draw the pant leg bulging out and wrinkly at the bottom. Use the oval at the bottom to draw the pointy shoe. Add the top part of the pants above the belt.

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