Draw Merida Brave 6

Step 6: Darken the shapes of Merida's eyes using a thicker line. Draw another thinner line on top of the eye for her eyelashes. Princess Merida's eyelashes are light-colored, so don't shade them in as you would in other drawings.


Draw Merida Brave 7

Step 7: Inside each eye, draw acircle for Merida's irises. Draw a big dot for the pupils inside each iris.


Draw Merida Brave 8

Step 8: Above each eye, draw a long shape for Merida's eyebrows. The eyebrows come to a point at the sides. Her eyebrows are light-colored too, so use thin strokes to draw them and don't shade them in.


Draw Merida Brave 9

Step 9: Draw Merida's nose using the lines as guides for placement. Draw a line close to the eye on the right for the bridge of the nose. Draw a series of small curved lines sitting on top of the small construction line for the structure of Merida's nose and nostrils.


Draw Merida Brave 10

Step 10: Draw Merida's lips right on top of the small horizontal construction line on the bottom. The upper lip is a long thin shape under her nose. The lower lip is two curved lines under the top lip. Curve the lines upward to create Merida's smile.

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