Draw Wendy 16

Step 16: Use the line on the left as a guide to draw Wendy Corduroy's arm hanging down. Follow the path of the line and make the arm thicker. Draw a couple of curved lines at the tip of the arm for Wendy's fingers. Draw a curved line near the middle of the arm for the shirtsleeve.


Draw Wendy 17

Step 17: Draw the arm on the right the same way. Follow the basic path of the guide and thicken up the shape of Wendy Corduroy's arm. Draw Wendy's fingers at the tip and a curved line for the shirtsleeve.


Draw Wendy 18

Step 18: Use the shape under Wendy Corduroy's neck as a guide to draw her shirt. Draw the right side of the shirt and the bottom. Then add the lines inside for the grid-like pattern. Add a couple of lines within the shape of the arms for the same grid-like pattern.


Draw Wendy 19

Step 19: Draw the leg on the left side by using the initial shapes as guides. Thicken up the shape of Wendy Corduroy's leg by following the path of the guide. When you get to the bottom, draw an oval for the top of the boot, making sure not to draw the part of the boot that goes behind her leg. Draw the rest of the boot by using the initial oval as a guide. Draw the boot's heel on the bottom and a small rectangle at the top for detail.


Draw Wendy 20

Step 20: Use the the lines on the right as guides to draw Wendy Corduroy's other leg and boot the same way. Don't forget to add the heel on the bottom of the boot and the rectangle at the top.

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