Draw Elsa Frozen 16

Step 16: Now learn how to draw Queen Elsa's hair. Her hair is tricky, so it's divided into four steps. First draw the top right side using the initial line as a guide. Draw the hair using a series of curved lines to create three big clumps of hair and a smaller clump in the front. Draw Elsa's hair around the ear too.


Draw Elsa Frozen 17

Step 17: Now draw the hair on the top left side the same way. Draw the clumps of this Frozen character's hair using curved lines. Use the initial line as a guide. The clumps of hair on this side don't really connect. Draw the hair around Elsa's ear too.

Draw Elsa Frozen 18

Step 18: Use the curved line on the sides of Elsa's hair as guides to draw her ears. Draw a curved line on the lower left side of the head for the start of Elsa's braid. On the lower right side, draw the top part of her braid by using the initial shape as a guide. The braid consists of curved lines for the weaved effect. Draw one curve at a time to get it right and stay inside the shape of the initial guide line.


Draw Elsa Frozen 19

Step 19: Finish drawing Elsa's braid by continuing down the shape of the hair guide, adding curved lines that weave into each other. At the bottom of the braid, draw a pointy shape for the loose bit of hair at the end.

Draw Elsa Frozen 20

Step 20: Follow the guides and darken the lines to draw Elsa's neck, shoulders and the top part of the arms.

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