How to Draw Alice Step 11

Step 11: Now draw Alice's mouth right on top of the lowest of the horizontal construction lines. Alice's upper lip is similar to a very wide letter M with a line underneath it. Her lower lip is just two widely curved lines similar to letter U’s on top of each other.


How to Draw Alice Step 12

Step 12: Use the initial line above Alice's head to draw the first part of her hair. Divide the top in two. The left side of her hair curves down toward the left side of her head and then covers the top part of her ear. The right side of Alice's hair is a curved line that ends where the right eyebrow is.

How to Draw Alice Step 13

Step 13: On the left side of Alice's hair, draw her headband. The headband is made up of two curved lines that go from the top of her head to the left of her ear. On top of her hair draw a couple of angular lines for her bow.


How to Draw Alice Step 14

Step 14: Darken the left side of Alice's hair. Draw the locks of hair that drape over her shoulders using a series of curved lines that come to a point. Use the image above for further reference when drawing.

How to Draw Alice Step 15

Step 15: Use the original oval shape to draw Alice's face. Notice that the line that creates her face dips inward where the right eye is to create her cheek. Draw the ear and neck using the original lines as guides.

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