How to Draw Tiana Step 11

Step 11: Use the small construction line below the nose to help you place Princess Tiana's mouth. Her upper lip is similar to a very wide letter M with a line underneath it. Tiana's lower lip is just two wide letter U’s on top of each other. Draw a small line on Tiana's cheek for her dimple.


How to Draw Tiana Step 12

Step 12: Draw Tiana's ear on the left side of her face where the horizontal line ends. Tiana's ear consists of a shape similar to the letter C with some lines within it for structure.


How to Draw Tiana Step 13

Step 13: Tighten the shape of Princess Tiana's face by using the egg shape as a guide. Be sure to dip the line in toward her eye a bit to form her cheekbone. Darken the two lines to form Tiana's neck.


How to Draw Tiana Step 14

Step 14: Tighten the shape of Princess Tiana's tiara/crown by thickening the initial guide lines. Use the image above for further reference.


How to Draw Tiana Step 15

Step 15: Princess Tiana's hair is a little tricky, so it’s divided into two parts. First draw the front part of Tiana's hair by drawing a line across her forehead that ends in a curl right next to her ear. Below Princess Tiana's ear, draw a couple more squiggly lines to represent the curl on the back of her head.

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