Draw Kick Buttowski Step 11

Step 11: Draw the right part of Kick Buttowski's collar the same way you drew the left, but because Kick Buttowski's face is in front, most of it will be hiding behind his face.


Draw Kick Buttowski Step 12

Step 12: Using the initial arm line as a guide, draw the left arm. Just thicken up the guide line and draw a square-like shape with only three sides before the circle at the end of it. Draw the racing stripe on the side of Kick Buttowski's arm too.


Draw Kick Buttowski Step 13

Step 13: Finish drawing Kick Buttowski's left arm by drawing a fist using the circle as a guide and adding a few curved lines to represent his knuckles and fingers. Draw a line on top of the glove for extra detail.


Draw Kick Buttowski Step 14

Step 14: Draw Kick Buttowski's feet the same way. Thicken up the guide line and draw a curved line to represent the top of his boot.


Draw Kick Buttowski Step 15

Step 15: Darken Kick Buttowski's belly and butt using the initial lines as guides.

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