How to Draw Jasmine Step 11

Step 11: The hair is tricky, so this section about how to draw Jasmine's hair is divided into two parts. First, darken the sides of her hair using the guides created earlier. Then draw two curved lines that begin at the vertical construction line and come outward. Then draw another line on the left side of Jasmine's face.


How to Draw Jasmine Step 12

Step 12: Before finishing Jasmine's hair, skip ahead to her crown. Draw a circle that is surrounded by a curved line for the jewel. Then, using the top of the egg shape as a guide, draw two lines on the sides of the jewel to indicate Princess Jasmine's headband.


How to Draw Jasmine Step 13

Step 13: Finish drawing Jasmine's hair by adding a curved line on top of her head. Draw two more curved lines near the bottom near the left shoulder.


How to Draw Jasmine Step 14

Step 14: Jasmine's eyebrows are partially hidden by her hair, so just draw what can be seen. Draw her eyebrows with thick curved lines.


How to Draw Jasmine Step 15

Step 15: On the left and right side of Jasmine's face, draw in an angled curve to represent her big earrings. The one on the right should begin at the horizontal construction line.

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