Draw Sleeping Beauty Step 11

Step 11: Using a series of curves right on top of the small horizontal line below her nose, draw Sleeping Beauty’s lips. Her upper lip is similar to a wide letter M with a curve underneath it. Draw Sleeping Beauty's lower lip as two wide letter Us on top of each other.


Draw Sleeping Beauty Step 12

Step 12: Sleeping Beauty’s hair is tricky, so it’s divided into two parts. First, tighten the front of her hair or bangs by using the shape created earlier and darkening it. Draw a series of rounded spikes and a swirl in the middle for detail.


Draw Sleeping Beauty Step 13

Step 13: Now, using the guides created earlier, draw in a series of curved lines on either side of Sleeping Beauty's head to represent her hair flowing down over her shoulders.


Draw Sleeping Beauty Step 14

Step 14: Tighten the shape of Sleeping Beauty’s face by using the egg shape as a guide and drawing it a bit narrower. Sleeping Beauty has a skinny face with a pointy chin. Darken in her neck and shoulders as well.


Draw Sleeping Beauty Step 15

Step 15: Using a series of curves and pointy edges, draw in Sleeping Beauty’s crown by following the guide drawn earlier. Don’t forget the vertical line that splits the crown. Using a U-shaped curve and a V shape, draw in Sleeping Beauty’s necklace below her neck.

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