Draw Green Lantern 11

Step 11: Draw Green Lantern's lips under the nose below of the bottom edge of the main circle. The mouth is composed of three wavy lines stacked up on top of each other.


Draw Green Lantern 12

Step 12: Add Green Lantern's mustache on top of the mouth as a wavy M-shaped line.


Draw Green Lantern 13

Step 13: Draw a series of lines under Green Lantern's mouth for the goatee. Follow the basic path of the guide at the bottom and add an angled line at the top under the mouth.


Draw Green Lantern 14

Step 14: Give Green Lantern some wrinkles by drawing a few lines throughout the face. The lines give the character more personality.


Draw Green Lantern 15

Step 15: Draw the ear on the right side by using the initial line as a guide. Make the line more angular and draw some lines within the shape for the inner structure of Green Lantern's ear.

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