Draw Raven 11

Step 11: Right above the lower edge of the main circle, draw a thick line with pointed ends for Raven's mouth. Under the mouth and just below the lower edge of the main circle, draw a small line for Raven's bottom lip.


Draw Raven 12

Step 12: Use the main circle as a guide to draw the side of Raven's face. Follow the basic path of the main circle as you darken the line to create the face and chin.


Draw Raven 13

Step 13: Raven's hair is a bit tricky, so it's separated into two parts. First draw the front of the hair or the bangs. Draw two chunks of thin hair that start out at the vertical construction line, above the diamond shape. The chunks of hair then move up toward the top of the head in a V-like shape, and then come back down on the sides of the eyes. The hair strand on the right is a lot longer than the one on the left.


Draw Raven 14

Step 14: Now draw the second part of Raven's hair. Draw the top part by using the main circle as a guide. Then draw the ends as sharp-edged lines under the head.


Draw Raven 15

Step 15: Use the lines under the head as guides to draw Raven's neck. Darken the lines, and then draw a line across the neck for the top part of her costume.

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