Draw Wonder Woman 11

Step 11: Draw Wonder Woman's nose using the lines as guides for placement. The line for the nose starts next to the eye on the right and the moves down to form the bridge and the tip of the nose. Use the vertical construction line and the bottom of the original circle as guides. Draw a couple of small lines on the left side of Wonder Woman's nose for the nostrils.


Draw Wonder Woman 12

Step 12: Draw Wonder Woman's lips using the initial shape as a guide. Follow the basic path of the guide line and make the lips thicker. Wonder Woman's lips should be very close to the bottom edge of the original circle.

Draw Wonder Woman 13

Step 13: Use the head shape as a guide to draw Wonder Woman's face. Simply darken the lines on the right side and the bottom. Dip the line in toward the eye on the right side to create her cheekbone and make her chin a bit pointier.


Draw Wonder Woman 14

Step 14: On either side of the vertical construction line and above each eye, draw a long, curved shape for Wonder Woman's eyebrows. The eyebrow on the left has a peak near the top. The eyebrow on the right should be a bit smaller because of the perspective.

Draw Wonder Woman 15

Step 15: Use the C-shaped arc on the left side as a guide to draw Wonder Woman's ear and the hair that covers the top part of her ear.

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